Sep 9, 2010

Thursday Thunks: You've Got Mail

1. From whom did you get your last e-mail?

From a Blogger Friend

2. What is the most recent movie that you have seen in a theater?

Not been to the theater in months

3. Have you ever seen a ghost?

If I'd see one I'd tell you!

4. Ever loved someone so much it made you cry?

Yes! I did and I am glad I have bleak memory of it

5. What are you most afraid of?

I am afraid God won't accept my repentance!

6. What do you do when you are bored?

When I am bored I do MEMES! :D

7. Other than the author of this mess of a meme, who blog are you most curious to see their answers?

Whoever leaves me a comment :P

8. Name three thing from your bucket list.

  • Get Married
  • Honeymoon every Anniversary
  • Have Kids

9. Who was the last person who complimented you on how you looked, that actually was a surprise?

My ex!

10. Do you remember Berleen?

Berleen who!

11. What was the last concert that you attended where the band was much better than you imagined?

A Paki local band Junoon! and I am talking 1999!

12. What’s the next band you’re either planning to see or want to?

I don't like the concerts they are too LOUD!

13. What were the last things do you imagine that Kimber threw off the roof?


4 Read and Said:

Raj said...

no wonder u r doing memes all the time!

nikita said...

that was a really frank expression !!!

Yellow Tulip said...

:):)..peppy:0...good one

xyzandme said...

* leaves a comment *

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