Oct 5, 2009

Hello n Thank You

I am taking today as an excuse to THANK YOU ALL who read me and share your views with me in the form of comments. I have made some really great friends here and thank God we don't demarcate our world on this platform on the basis of caste creed color or country!

Thank you!
I am truly humbled by your attention.
I just hope you keep coming around to me. It makes my day on most days.

Hello to all those new followers and readers who speak a little and stay quiet a lot. I may not know you but since my 'who's reading' widget tells me things, I owe you all a Hello.
Hope all is well.

Have fun and Welcome to my World...

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Anonymous said...

I think I'm part of the first category! So you are very much welcome! :) Its a pleasure reading you and sharing my views on your posts on occasions! :) Will keep coming round to your blog a lot! :D

P.S : Hello to you too, just in case I'm part of second one!! And a hello just like that too! :D

P.P.S : do drop by at my blog... there is a post called "They Kill Me" over there. I want your view on that too! :)

P.P.P.S : you're return to blogging is comin along awesome.. u r doing it nicely, and don't u dare say "leo, i am trying" in reply to this! :D u r doing it, and not trying it! :D

iamyuva said...

hello & thank you too.. its good read so i blogrolled while back.

onwards & upwards..
Cheers.. Y

uglyduckling91 said...


Jack said...

A D,

Read 2 posts now. I have already commented on this one in your other space. For previous one, nice and frank answers.

Take care

Yellow Tulip said...

thank u dear:)....its always a pleasure to read u:)...ur an amazing person:)..take care gal:)

Tauqeer said...


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