Nov 28, 2009

The Dating Profiles Meme: Go Fish

1. Like to go fishing. Not really interested in hunting anymore.
You have murdered enough and hence you are being kind?

2. When describing my best traits, I kind of sound like I'm describing a puppy.
Awww so you do admit you evolved from the doggy!

3. I'm not an alcoholic or anything, but I do enjoy high proof beverages.
Distorted and Demented you are!

4. I seriously have a radar for freaks so stay clear because I won’t respond.
My My you know yourself and that is commendable.

5. With the exception of living out my dreams of spending my life on the shoreline, there is absolutely nothing I lack.
You are dreaming of the inside of the sea while you are sitting on the shoreline, what are you doing?

6. Sight unseen, trust me when I say this. On a scale of 1-10, I am an absolute 10!
For the dim wit you are going to meet this will be flying left right and centre!

7. I can be so intense sometimes I even scare myself.
You are doing Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde thing for real?

8. I want someone funny but not a spaz.
Do you crack your jokes and keep a straight face?

9. Well, the truth is, I'm a nerd who's looking for another nerd to spend happy hours doing nerd-like things together.
Sure that is too much. All the nerd-i-ness will pop into science and eventually give birth you mean!

10. I'm looking for a long term sizzle rather than jet-lagged flash.
I pity you for having such a demented definition for your choice. Sizzle and Flash are some what the same if you check and if it Sizzles for long it'll burn!

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Jack said...

A D,

Read pending posts. Pray that you do achieve your goal soon.

Take care

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