Aug 23, 2009

Life in Number

Tagged by Yellow Tulip and it was fun because mostly the numbers I could link with dates. Funny how predictable the human mind is. Enjoy how I relate each number with my life. Boring for some maybe.

1. I am the eldest. The number 1 naturally!

2. A palm reader told me I will be married twice. 1 down. 1 to go.

3. I have 3 younger siblings.

4. I live on the 4th floor of my apartment.

5. My best friend from school has her birthday on the 5th month and the 5th day of that month. cool na?

6. That is my lucky number. Moreso, my Day of Birth!

7. They say it is lucky but there is no 7 in my life. Really!

8. I cannot sleep for 8 hours and the doctors keep persisting.

9. I love this number. For an odd reason I just love it because it is 9 and I dont like 10.

10. My month number. I was born on the 10th month of the year. You do the calculations now ;)

11. They always remind me of the twin towers.

12. It is perfect because of the number of months in a year and the number of astrological signs. Every 12 hours the day changes to night and vice versa. How cool is that!

13. Unlucky! HARDLY!

14. My Uncle's wife's day of birth. I always remember it because when he got married I really looked up to his wife, whom I dislike now for her manners.

15. There have been at least 15 men, I can count as assholes or bastards.

16. My first crush was born on the 16th and to date I remember. It has been 15 years. MY GOD!

17. I might fly out of Karachi on the 17th of October.

18. I love it because 1 plus 8 = 9 :D

I tag YOU!

6 Read and Said:

Yellow Tulip said...

well done dear:)...loved the way u have done it:) gal

Yellow Tulip said...

relax...dear...perceptions do differ from everyone..:)..knowin u from u, i'm really glad to know u:)...
:)...take care:)

akanksha said...

Loved the Tag! I am taking it over:)

While reding your post, i found some things that even I would have written against those same numbers;) Quite a coincidence!

Mina said...

Kl tag, love your writing skills, Mashallah:)

VJ Sophie said...

Nicely done tag! Even I was born in October!

Jack said...


Here I am again. Read all available posts. 6.10 noted. Enjoyed reading each one.

Take care

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