Sep 7, 2009

Mind Farts #30

  • Minds are like parachutes - they function only when open.

  • A bad conscience has a very good memory.

  • Feed your faith and doubt will starve to death.

  • It is no crime not to be perfect.

  • If others have sinned you need not mention it. Just repent it rather regret it.

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Anonymous said...

>yeah, true! to open a parachute we need to pull a cord! to open the mind what do we pull? :)

>wow! hmm.. i don't have that good a memory.. goes to show that i don't have that bad a conscience! thats a relief :)

>yes. i agree. i keep saying i have faith in myself, so only i don't doubt myself! a brilliant point Desi.

>i am perfect in imperfection! :)

>if others have sinned, i'd rather let it worry them than me. i'll feel sorry for them indeed, but i won't worry by repenting for them.

as lightly as i have spoken in my comment, i agree with your words on all the points. a beautiful post Desi..! :)

Anonymous said...

oh.. and being ur critic of names, i prefer the previous two to this "I give you my words" :)

Americanising Desi said...

as always i appreciate your honest and criticism :)

Yellow Tulip said... mind always works like a clock...but like a parachute only few things r useful!!..

2.soo true dear.:) broods guilt which is like an alarm which reminds us big time all the time!!..totally true:)

3.hmmm no comments cos i'm completly in sync with u on this:)..

4.true but we cant be perfect in all naa..human's are born defective!!..atleast in one thing we'll lack r jus u know wont be perfect

5.sometimes if my closed friens do a mistake r sin.i really feel bad.repent regret everythin..its like i really hate being in helpless situation at tat time..hmm but if not lik not close ones do then yaa i only feel sorry:)n move on...

Anonymous said...

hey this is sweet... name play! :D

i entered it long back... have become a part of the chaos, sort of!! :)

don't feel like leaving Seher! :)

Samad said...

wow, love it, not a crime not to be perefect.

Ali Khatoo said...

its not a crime not to be perfect, u sure -_-

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