Sep 30, 2009

So which One out of 13?

Ok I confess this is not an original T-13 but I found this hilarious and hence I am posting it. Sorry for stealing someone's creativity but if I knew you, I'd make a mention of you here. This is kickass stuff and I was rolling on the floor laughing until my sister almost jumped on me [so a little exaggeration there], but really it is FUN!

So Which condoms would you use....?

1. Nike condoms: Just do it.

2. Toyota condoms: Oh what a feeling.

3. Diet Pepsi condoms: You got the right one, baby

4. Pringle condoms: Once you pop you can't stop.

5. Mentos condoms: The Freshmaker.

6. Secret condoms: Strong enough for a man, but pH balance for a women.

7. Macintosh condom: it does more, cost less, it's that simple.

8. Ford condoms: The best never rest.

9. Yahoo: dreams found faster.

10. New York Lotto condoms: Cause hey-you never know.

11. California Lotto condom: Who's next?

12. Avis condom: Trying harder than ever.

13. KFC condoms: Finger-Licking Good.

Prompt done for THURSDAY-13

7 Read and Said:

Tauqeer said...


Jack said...

A D,

Naughty, naughty. However 4 seems the best.

Take care

uglyduckling91 said...

LOL @ 10.

Happy Life Coloured Condoms are still my favourite. ^-^

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

moove condos. aah se leke aaha tak.

Anonymous said...


Mayz said...


Rahul Jain said...

IBM Condom "Stop talking start doing"
Even I'm rolling over, great creativity.

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