May 7, 2010

The Full Course Meal

1. I am not a side dish--i am the full course meal!!!

Fine I won't savor you like I savor my fries and dip, you'll be treated like a chicken torn apart! is that good enough?

2. I do not want the kind of love I can live with, I want the kind of love I can’t live without.

How are you a better judge of the kind of love you are about to get? I mean what if the kind of love which you can't live without isn't what you are gonna live with? do i make sense?

3. I love to be outdoors doing things from hunting to biking to riding a motorcycle to walking on a hillside to swimming in a pond to watching a polo match.

So you are all about going to bed anywhere then? shame on you for being so out loud about it! gross!

4. I believe if you meet someone on a date and you are not attracted to each other then there is no point in continuing to date.

Really? Eureka?

5. I have been viewed as a perfectionist, but what I believe in is when you do something, make sure you do it right!!

How about do it right by your definition and then run someone over thinking you did just right? how ridiculous!

6. I am looking for someone who is half as happy to see me as my dogs.

hahahaha... so you want something like a slurp when you come back from a hard day and some drool on your crisp white shirt? is there a cat you'll hire for the laundry?

7. Liars and cheaters will not be tolerated!

Listen you don't make these rules before you are in the game. When you are just on the outskirts, don't jump too high, the forks will plunge in deep!

8. I am in need of some down time.

Is that like a time out? I am sure you could elaborate a little more on that need of yours because it isn't in the hierarchy of human needs

9. I wanna be with someone who is better that the last relationship. The sex was not two good.

You will compare? and what makes you think you were the bad in the sex then? and the not so lasting element in it too?

10. You smile even when soaked on a wet day.

Wow! I am sure Einstein would have had a good laugh over this

p.s. my first time playing - sorry for the bluntness and rudenss :)

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sawan said...


Jack said...

D D,

Enjoyed your blunt but honest replies in both the posts. Keep up with your principles.

Take care

eye-in-sty-in said...

your reply to no 6 was the best... i'd like.... no i'd relish one of those! :D

iamyuva said...

;D) niceee.e..

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