Jun 25, 2010

Going to the Dogs

1. Besides working a full time job during the week, gym at a minimum of 3 times a week, I also work a part time job on the weekends at a doggie daycare/kennel (Love it). It might seem busy however I do make time for my family, friends and my dog - they are the most important.

I have no idea where in that are you going to fit me and you+me!

2. Are you the one?

No - it is Marilyn Monroe! too bad you'd have to die to be with her!

3. not into game players cheaters or being lied to.

That is kinda nice of you to reveal your negative assets!

4. Simply is the best of me, sincere, caring, conservative person.

Simply Complicated you mean!

5. I am looking a nice person who is willing to go out on weekends or stay in.

How about get a dog?

6. Looking for an honest one.

One and Honest? Goodluck searching the haystack of honesty!

7. I must have someone who is willing to accept me for the way I am and not someone who wants to morph me into that perfect someone, cuz let's face it-the perfect someone does not exist.

Let's face it you are way too far and scared from trying to be perfect - next please!

8. I will pretty much eat anything.

A roasted roach too?

9. I don't like alcoholics.

How many have you been with to know that you dont like em?

10. I am outgoing,funny,caring,loving and show my feelings through physical touches so get used to this and if its a problem - OH WELL! Deal with it!

You've got enough to deal with in your head and life - you just don't seem accomodating! Peace!

2 Read and Said:

Raj said...

lol. quite a list of losers you have there.

Divaa Divine said...

i thought so myself!

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