Jul 2, 2010

Doing What I should Not!

Tagged by the lovely twin - Scribbling Gal

I am lucky to be part of a star sign that gives me 12 faces to wear and the pretty part is that I can be equally masculine or feminine, whichever I want to choose (or give credit to my planet and sun and moon placements).

The sun in my star gives me my bossiness, strength, or "bitchiness", as well as its generosity, sexiness, and playfulness. I can be really bossy and dictate my terms well when I have to. Being a woman, I m required to be soft and subtle but no one told me how to and when, so I make my own rules of mood.

1. I am very fond of luxury cars, SUVs drive me insane. Yes as much as a man would like to have a sexy car, a girl does to and that girl is me. I love Audi 100 and it has been the only love since 1995. Anything sleek and versatile counts as sexy for me (in terms of car) and sometimes Honda Accord hits there too. BMW yes, Mercedes NO!

2. When I go to shop, I have something to get that I need. I hate to window shop and I can’t get over the fact that just eyeing things and not buying it is means of anything wise. When I need something, I go to the specific shop I get it from and head right back. No time wasting. Hence my girl friends never wanna shop with me.

3. I am more driven by career than I am by home. I like to keep my hope clean and in place but that is like the place I return to after a hard day of work. Little participation then comes from me in terms of making something; I’ll have anything that is cooked and drink whatever is there. Too lazy once I am out of office wear!

4. I am rebellious. But in no way to the extreme. I stand by what I say and promise and that makes me a woman of my word. I deft that there is only a ‘man of his word’… truly you will agree with me if you know me at all.

5. I like tech gadgets. Recently purchased a Blackberry, which says much does it not? But the condition is that it needs to be sexy ;) I am all about the sexy attribute when I have to buy gadgets of cars. Though I m yet to buy one for myself.

6. When I am at home, I am in my track pants and dad’s t-shirt. The girl’s t-shirt is a bit too skimpy and I hate to be uncomfortable when I am at home or actually anytime at home – body clinging is not my type.

7. I am crazy about football and not many know that. It isn’t about the 100s of men running around in shorts but the game actually. It gets my hormones pumping right!

8. I like to exert more and in the process sweat more. It is weird for girls to sweat and then talk about it but genuinely I like it – it tells me I gotta rid of the acids from within me.

9. I am more of ‘I can do it myself’ person. Less dependant on anyone than myself to do my own thing. Relying on people just hasn’t paid off or probably I want to stay in charge always. So I do my own stuff.

10. I can imagine me riding a white horse in a green field. As a girl yes but I think girls don’t like to ride much :P or they do ;) whichever the case I would love to ride a horse one day.

11. I get turned on by vision. Yes it doesn’t necessarily have to speak to me (because it spoils the image), the way it looks sometimes is enough and turning on. I can live with it.

12. Rock music is my preferred music. I love Aerosmith, Nickelback, Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down and many of the sorts.

13. Unlike the many dry bossy girls, I have my fun and social side. When I am out there, I can talk and make conversation like one of the boys… and I think I tick off a lot of aunties.

So now I tag you – if you are a guy reading this – you know you have to state the female side of you and that which others think you shouldn’t do.

If you are a girl, you gotta tell me what is that you do that your kind doesn’t do.

Thank you Scribbling Gal for tagging me again :) I love these little mind exercises you give me!

5 Read and Said:

Scribbling Girl said...

OMG ur so me :D
Did u see we share all the 13 points ?

Coincidence? naaa we r twins na :D
u even mentioned points i didn't. I am very very career driven personality too and yet i can be the sexy siren :P feels nice to be one na :D

And what is exercise without sweats refreshes na :D

we shared the guitar pic in our posts its cute na :D
btw i didn't even know u read my post i came here to say ur tagged and u already done :D

Mwaaahz to u twin :D <3

Jack said...

D D,

Read pending posts. I must say that you are well balanced, except that after office home too should get proper attention.

Take care

Americanising Desi said...

Yes Uncle Jack I hear you!

OnLY OnE..! said...

I thought you did an amazing job!

Oh and I am the exact same about 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 13! :)

TurbulentMind said...

2,3,4,5,7 and 13..totally me :P

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