Jul 14, 2010

Guage with George

1. "But why shouldn't I speak out? Don't you speak out in this country?"
Do you speak out as often as you should?

All the time - every time, unless I have to avoid causing brutal pain!

2. "I am tough. Sometimes I'm unreasonable. I have to catch myself every once in a while."
Are you ever tough and unreasonable?

My hormones are major fluctuating - yes I am tough some times and unreasonable too all the time.

3. "I haven't always done a good job, and I haven't always been successful - but I know that I have tried."
Do you believe that sometimes you learn more from a failure than a success?

Failure is a better experience than success - with failure comes the ability, with success comes achievement! both valid in their state.

4. "Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next."
Do you feel that you always have to win?

Hahaha yes if I want to believe - I have - but then there are the losses too!

5. "It is unbelievable to me that the highest-paid team in baseball would start the season in such a deep funk.”
Do you think money always buys greatness?

Ofcourse it does. Hollywood says it all :P

6. "I take my last phone call at home at about 11pm."
What time is too late to call you?

My best friends can call me anytime. Others just never!

7. "Don't talk to me about aesthetics or tradition. Talk to me about what sells and what's good right now."
Do you think tradition matters?

Yes they do. They shape me as I am today.

8. "And what the American people like is to think the underdog still has a chance."
Do you tend to root for the underdog?

huh whaa!

9. "I don't think I ever could exceed my father's successes. He was a completely satisfied man, he knew what he wanted to accomplish and he accomplished it. I did do a lot, though, to try to please him."
Do you ever feel that you want to exceed your parents successes?

There is one expectation left to fulfill and that is get married!

10. "I'm really 95 percent Mr. Rogers, and only 5 percent Oscar the Grouch."
In terms of cartoon characters, who are you like?

Garfield ;)

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Roshni said...

totally (somewhat) off topic but i was on the bus and this girl came on with a white hoddie and it had garfeild on it...I WANT!

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