Jun 3, 2009


The most exquisite of all Folly
Particularly Hostile and Melancholy
Comes to man from a woman fairly Ordinary

The prompt is brought to you by 3WW

Happy Wednesday to all :D

8 Read and Said:

quin browne said...

i liked the piece..one thought--don't highlight the 'trees' as it distracts from the beauty of the 'forest'

AD said...

hmmm i wonder!

anthonynorth said...

Short but very sweet and to the point. Just as I like it.

Andy Sewina said...

I don't Adam and Eve it!

Cool post!

AD said...

hahahah Andy you rock!

mysterious gal said...

this was short, sweet and amazing.....ur attempt actually made me attempt a prompt after ages..so u can imagine how much i liked it :)

ThomG said...

I'm glad you stripped everything away to leave this litle gem. Nice going.

AD said...

yabba dabba doooooooo!

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