Jun 28, 2009


A gain and again
F ather let me examine
T he tales of goodness
E ternal abode license
R ebelled I did
L ied the forbid
I wish I'd listened
F ather I am condemned
E ternal abode for me is torment

for Acrostic Only
Prompt 10 – Spirituality: AFTERLIFE

P ushing her way through
R unning after curfew
E very one eyed her
T horns and roses complied her
T o every woman she was envy
Y earning men found it funny

W oman of stature and grace
O thers wished to praise her race
M an only knew the want
A nd all she did was flaunt
N ever-ending she pledged to haunt

Prompt 12 – Movie Title: PRETTY WOMAN

5 Read and Said:

Savannah said...

AD these are wonderful, and very thought provoking. I also love the pictures; poems and photo complements each other. Glad you posted these in time.

uglyduckling91 said...

Loved the poems!
Loved the rhyming!
Loved the pictures!

AD said...

hey thank you :) not many have acknowldeged this but Savannah and Abdullah,
Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Really really liked Afterlife! :)

Pretty Woman is good too!

AD said...

actually goes without saying how mediocre I did :)

but thank you all

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