Apr 2, 2010

Hurts So Good

1. Tell us about the last time you really got hurt.
Ans. I never remember the most and the lest variations, Yes I have been hurt but healed at least from my head so I don't recall.

2. What's your oldest possession?
My skin, I have worn it for 27 years now and I still fit.

3. Do you have any phobias?
I hate closed spaces, that includes people closing in.

4. What values did your parents instill in you?
They have instilled a good lot of values but what stands above all is, 'Don't try to settle scores with anyone who wronged you, leave it to God'.

5. What are your plans for Easter?
Just take a seat back and hatch eggs.

6. I like sun more than snow.
No. I never have experienced snow so I love it.

7. Tell us about 3 fads from your teenage years.
ankle-rolled socks, braided hair, a fitted uniforms.

8. Tell us what is the most important attribute in a lover.
He should be a lover.

9. What new piece of technology have you resisted buying and what would it take for you to change your mind?
Blackberry - I need to be able to afford it.

7 Read and Said:

I am Harriet said...

I'm not real good with closed spaces myself. Ever now and then I'll meet someone in Fla who has never seen snow.

Have a great Saturday!

shal said...

#2 is real smart. haha! love it!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You've never seen snow? Wow! After the first couple of storms the experience would start to wane your interest...

shopannies said...

wow never experienced snow come visit here in Illinois you will get a taste you will never forget

bollywoodstylediaries said...

just saw ur blog..I love, love ur blog title..lol!!


The Gal Herself said...

You've never seen snow!!!! That's why I think I'm lucky to live in Chicago -- we get snow and rain and hot and cold, all of it.

Thanks for visiting my Sat. 9 and enjoy the weekend.

Jack said...

A D,

Read 2 posts now. Really liked about your oldest possession and values instilled by your parents.

Take care

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