Aug 5, 2010

Day 03 — Your favorite television program

Continued from 30 day challenge

This is the most easiest one to guess. Though they are almost wrapping up and I havent had a chance to see the 7th season but even then this is the show I couldn't ever miss - not for anything - I followed closely till Season 6 and that is till when it all mattered :)

Do give it a watch if you haven't - you'll love it! I watch it because of Haley and Nathan :D

Yes it is ONE TREE HILL :D

and the favorite people in the whole series are:

Nathan and Haley James Scott :D

If they hadn't stayed together till the end I would have given up on this series ages ago :) But thank you writers :P

1 Read and Said:

nikita said...

never seen that...

but looks really interesting...

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