Aug 30, 2010

Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for 2010

I am hoping to have a start to EVER AFTER!

I dream to wake up next to him probably end of this year or mid next year!

I plan to make babies as we grow together :D

4 Read and Said:

Zee said... of luck..=)

you have talked about it so much that im now actually waiting for ur big day..:P

Hope u find ur mr.right soon...:)

Divaa Divine said...

that really is a sweet wish :) I am truly humbled :D

Zee said...

oh and the waiting part does suck..i have been through it..but when u finally get over it, it turns out worth the wait and annoyance..:) just keep praying for urself..

Divaa Divine said...

thanks Zee, I do that always :) but like they say 'haath paer bhi maarne parte hain' :) so i m counting on friends now too!

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