Aug 14, 2010

Day 13 — A fictional book

The book I wrote :D "Unfaithful Love"

Not many know about it but as much as the characters are real - it still is based in fiction :)

Not everything can be revealed now can it - just to give you an idea ...

Ready for Romance?

At the age of Nineteen, Caroline Cole was wildly
infatuated with Matt Bradyn. But that was just a
teenage crush and now, almost five years later, she's in
love—truly in love—with the one whom she thought
was just another friend, Jeff Travis. But everyone,
including Jeff, believes she's just carrying an
infatuation! Caroline believes that she has finally
embraced her womanhood and love it is for her only if
it has Jeff in the picture..

Ready for Marriage?

Jeff has a woman he avowed to marry five years before
fate bought him Caroline… Jeff is in love with Susan
Baker. Her fate together with Jeff is a little uncertain,
while Jeff is making it possible every minute. Caroline
wants a possibility with Jeff. There is love, there is lust
and there are a whole lot of possibilities for the two to
be together, yet fate has other plans. Caroline wants to
have a chance with Jeff…. May it just be unfaithful!

4 Read and Said:

Anonymous said...

iLike =)

nikita said...

wow....u wrote a book..

Raj said...

when someone is hungry and you give him a morsel to eat, he only gets hungier. why be so mean? why lady?

Scribbling Girl said...

:) I will be the first one to buy this :)...wish i can gather time to write mine soon too....!

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