Aug 12, 2010

Day 10 — A photo you just can't help sighing at

Continued from 30 Days Challenge

And this I just can't wait to embrace - I keep sighing at it - live or in a picture :( but I keep this one close - something about it is way too sigh - fulllll :D in a greattttttttt way!

I just cant wait to make moments like this of my own :)

5 Read and Said:

Nostalgic said...

this moment holds in itself a whole new world :)

Anonymous said...

have you thought of a name for her or him? :P

cuz i have :P

Sana Castellano said...

sigh! =)
<3 i cant wait either!

Zee said... portrays a beautiful moment..i cant wait for mine;) following ur 30day challenge..*thumbs up*

nikita said...

hmmm..its one of the best moments of our lives..

looking forward for it..

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