May 28, 2009

Thursday 13: sides of me

Ever imagined one human and 13 different sides to him / her?

As impossible it gets you to imagine, I would never have worked around analyzing it, if it were not to the ‘Thursday 13’ prompt. Thank you whosoever came up with this brilliance!

The Bright Side:

Can go out of my way not to hurt another person’s feelings.

The Right Side:
Alert, always fair-minded, I put myself in the position of the other person to be in a position to know, understand and help. Against injustice completely, if you cheat me, never speak to me again!

The Dark Side:
You call for my insincerity when and if I find you lagging behind in your sincerity with me. Sorry but there are no warnings.

The Wrong Side:
In a serious argument, I could give in rather easily even when I know I am right. Arguing, even about something I believe in, is too unsettling for my taste most of the time.

The Fair Side:
I find facing the truth an ordeal and prefer living in a world of make-believe.

The Friendly Side:
I instinctively look upon everything in life as an art, and while I do not throw myself into friendship with the passion put into love, I treat the relationship with the reserve and dignity that my natural penchant for partnerships suggests.

The Partnership Side:
I can adapt myself to any personality and bring out the best in the other fellow. I will never fall down on my own share of the work, and can be trusted implicitly to give an honest account of myself.

The Woman Side:
Ideal as wife material, not good with being girl friend, I don’t know the works of being half here and half there. My passion-al response to married life is extremely satisfying which makes me the best candidate for a wife.

The Child Side:
Since the time I recall, hurrying something up and having to choose to between two things has never been good for me. I was always told that I seem older than my age and unexpectedly knowledgeable. I have thrived when treated fairly and obeyed rules that are seen to be fair, if not, then …

The Disappointed Side:
I can take things on a whole new level when it doesn’t work my way. I have a way to talk to myself and to God, but as faith sets in a little later than the rest, I am irritant and totally out of focus when a disappointment is cast on me. Everything around me gets affected.

The Romantic Side:
Romance flows in place of blood in me. I know that I might eventually suffocate my better half with always tying to work around with being not worked up but then what good is a life without romance? I can see candles and satin sheets and a lot of lace, it just cannot be replaced.

The Slight Perfectionist Side:
It takes a great deal to make me perceive things in a way that actually seem perfect, but just to me and my sanity. I believe in having my own sense of contentment and perfection and it necessarily isn’t stated in any book of knowledge. E.g. I believe that for myself to be happy and perfect presentable, I need my needs to be truly satisfied, I can’t ignore that I have a need for love, it may sound unreal but it isn’t.

The Planning Idealist Side:
Yes all things are beautiful for the way I see it. No happily ever after comes in a parcel, it has to be worked upon and hence created. I believe what I dream is true and achievable, and maybe the man I marry has an image in my head and God willing and with my luck I will get him, there is no NO for this, even if people tell me so.

29 Read and Said:

Anonymous said...

That was a unique and interesting list, but I still can't get over the fact that someone named a blog fart in a jar.

Anonymous said...

Great list. It's nice to read someone who knows who she is. Happy T13.

Shelley Munro said...

That's an interesting list. I love that all these different facets can be applied to one person. :)

Adelle Laudan said...

I think all of these sides, make you a well-rounded person. Great post!
Happy T13!

DigiscrapMom said...

Wonderful post! Gave me great insights too.

Happy Thursday!

Chelle said...

Really great list :)

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the ruby canary here! I can actually relate to most of this though. :)

jeng said...

Very interesting list. Thanks for visiting my T13 ; )

Sarah said...

Creative list format!

AD said...

lol! just an out of mind thought! i mean i know it is crude, but is it that offensive? :)

Hapy TT to you too :) thank you!

i think the hardest thing about life is to know one self, i am glad at 26, i have a fair idea!

ahh thank you for that compliment :)

I am Harriet said...

Very nice list!
Good info.

AD said...

Happy TT to you and thank you :)


wow you too :(
is it that offensive? thanks for the relating :)

Happy TT, you are welcome

thanks. Happy TT

AD said...

Happy TT :) thanks!

Sophia Ali said...

Seher after reading so many prompts on you...I feel like I know you like an open book....You are so true to yourself....

AD said...

aww thank you sweetie. that is exactly how i wanna be known as :D


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Like a diamond, you have many sides. As do the best of us.

Awesome way to approach the Thirteen this week. You've got me thinking.

eye-in-sty-in said...


Tangled up in blue... said...

Wow..I like this..interesting food for thought!

AD said...

i hope i got you thinkin well :D

eye in sty in..
my my what big tongue u have!

Tangled up in blue,
oooooooooooooh me happies now :D

Darla said...

Very interesting list. If I were trying to come up with thirteen sides to myself, it would be entirely different, yet your list resonates with me anyway, and I'll probably think about it off and on for a while.

Anonymous said...

Good list, I like how you named all the different sides. Happy TT!

Isolated Existence. said...

Interesting list!! Thanks for stopping by my corner ;-) Have a great weekend!

AD said...

Hey Darla
:) as long as it strikes, it is worth it aint it :)

Happy TT to you too :) and yes the names and sides have been pondered well over :)

isolated existence,
thank you to you too!

jillconyers said...

Great idea for a T13. Wonder if I can come up with 13 sides of me...hmmmm

AD said...

heyyy thanks :D that sure is a compliment!
you should give it a shot!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how the 3 "negative" sides are completely influenced by your positive sides. The Dark side is influenced by the Right side, The Wrong side is influenced by the Bright side, and The Disappointed side influenced by The Slight Perfectionist Side.

More than anything else, I still think you are a colourful personality, and a truly awesome person!

Don't go about changing this ok? :)

AD said...

wow you sure find me glitzy glotzy :D
well no way am I changin it now after you have requested so politely....

say some beguiling words and i am all yours ;) yea that is how my crooked mind works!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha - well, I didn't just pick the words out of thin air :)

AD said...

ok ok so i know you didnt :)
i never under estimated :D

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